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9 Unique Ways to Get Rid of Mustache in Men Naturally

  •  Christ Ally

Unique Ways to Get Rid of Mustache in Men Naturally

Even though a man’s mustache or beard makes his appearance look cooler, some men want to get rid of it. Sometimes they need to look different to face people at work.

There are several great ways to get rid of a mustache, by shaving or pulling out the mustache. Even so, this method will sometimes be painful and make the mustache grow faster. Here are some ways to get rid of a mustache in men quickly through unique treatments.

Some natural ingredients that you can use as a mask to remove and inhibit mustache growth include:


Honey is a natural ingredient that has many benefits, including for men who want to get rid of mustaches. The trick is to heat the honey first. Once it’s hot enough, apply the honey to the mustache and wait for it to dry. Once dry, you can clean it with a soft dry cloth, and the mustache will fall off.


To get rid of the mustache and other hair on the face, you can use lime by squeezing two teaspoons of it, adding two teaspoons of sugar, and giving enough water. After that, apply this scrub on the mustache, wait for it to dry. After that, rinse with running water until your face is clean.


It’s the same as lime, and lemon has vitamin C and the ability to remove the mustache that fills your face. The trick is to rub lemon juice on your face. Wait until the mask is dry, and then wash it off using a clean cloth and rinse if you need to. Do this treatment regularly for maximum results.

Egg whites

Egg white can be a mask that works to remove the mustache in men, not to grow back. Mix egg whites with one tablespoon cornflour sugar. After that, apply the mask to your face and wait for it to dry completely. After drying, you can pull the cover off, and you will see the plucked hairs on the mask.


Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which removes hair on the body, including the mustache that grows on your face. You can make a papaya mask and a little turmeric powder. Apply the papaya mask on your face and wait for it to dry. After that, rinse your face using warm water.


You can make an apricot mask by mashing this fruit as much as half a cup, then adding one teaspoon of honey. Apply the mask on your face and wait for it to dry. Once dry, rinse with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.


Mango is one way to get rid of a mustache in men. You can make a mango mustache removal mask by mashing the fruit and then mixing it with galangal. Squeeze the mixture and apply it to the face with the mustache. Please wait for the mask to dry and then rinse it off with clean water.


The way to make a mustache removal mask from alum is to grind it until it becomes a powder. Then mix enough alum with rose water until it thickens. Apply the alum mask on the mustache and beard. Allow a few minutes for the cover to dry, then rinse with clean running water.


Besides having many health benefits, turmeric helps remove facial hair and mustache. You can mix turmeric powder with a bit of milk powder or liquid milk until it thickens. Apply on the face and let stand until the mask is dry, then rinse with warm water until clean.