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8 The Main Danger If Men Don’t Wear Underwear

  •  Christ Ally

The Main Danger If Men Don't Wear Underwear

Underwear or boxers are private for each individual. The problem of using it also depends on each individual. Some parties consider wearing pants to be a necessity in their life because it is safer.

On the other hand, many people think wearing underwear is not a must because it harms the health of the vital organs. In health sciences, there are still pros and cons to using underwear. Apart from that, here are the dangers of not wearing underwear for men.

Easily exposed to bacteria and viruses

Suppose you, as a man, don’t wear underwear while on the move. It’s straightforward for bacteria and viruses to attack. Dust and pollution may be able to infect the genitals if you do not wear underwear. By wearing underwear, at least there is a layer to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering and infecting vital organs.

Vulnerable to injury

Be careful for those who don’t often wear underwear because there is a risk of friction. So from the conflict, it will give a wound or abrasion to the vital tool. If this happens, you will feel tremendous pain, especially when exposed to water.

Unstable temperature around the vital organs

Another impact of not wearing underwear is that the temperature around your genitals is unstable. It is because the humidity will be higher. After all, there are no other fabrics that absorb sweat. The function of the underwear can be to absorb sweat or water.


Another risk that you get when you are lazy to wear underwear is suffering from impotence. It occurs due to continuous shaking and makes the muscles work hard so that it will reduce muscle mass and strength.

Not confident

You will feel different things when meeting and doing activities with others, and you are not wearing pants. It will make you insecure and constantly anxious. You may be afraid that other people know you are not wearing underwear.

Vulnerable to syphilis

When you are lazy to wear underwear, syphilis is easy to come. This disease is dangerous and can even take your life. Bacteria or viruses that enter the pubic area will interact with the growth of syphilis germs.

Skin irritation

The friction that occurs with various materials or fabric pants irritates the skin in the area around the genitals. If you don’t use underwear, the chemicals in the fabric or pants will have a harmful effect in the form of germs that irritate the skin.


Varicocele is a disease of the genitals with signs of the appearance of muscles in your pubic area. It will harm your sexual health.

It affects your virility and other activities. Varicocele comes from uncontrolled shaking of your genitals. If you wear underwear, then this will not happen. Pants function as a controller of your pubic movement. It makes your genitals will not shake when doing anything.

Another danger you get if you are lazy to wear underwear is choosing something practical without considering the impact on life. Use it or not; that’s your right and privacy.