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12 The Easiest Muscle Building Exercises For Thin Men

  •  Christ Ally

The Easiest Muscle Building Exercises For Thin Men

Body shape is a problem for today’s society, both for men and women. It will look not good if you have a not ideal body, which is too thin. Surely you want a beautiful body shape with muscles that support your appearance.

A body that is too thin will seem arid, such as a lack of nutritional intake. Especially for women, it certainly doesn’t attract their attention. It is what causes you to pay attention to your appearance as soon as possible.

Speaking of looks, many men work hard to shape their bodies. Fitness itself does not guarantee you will get a proportional body. All of that also does not escape your diet. What is the point you exercise every day, but you do not on a regular diet? In addition to diet, rest often affects the results of this hard work.

Chin Up Exercises

This chin-up exercise uses a pole that will be your support. Reach for the stick with your two hands. Hold it with your palms facing you. Try to keep your hands on the bar straight. Place your ankles in a crossed position, then lift your body. Do this exercise 3 times.

Deadlift Exercise

For the initial stage, you have to do deadlift exercise first. To start this exercise:

  1. Spread your legs apart by paying attention and taking into account the width of your shoulders.
  2. Bend over and reach for the barbell by making the barbell outside your knees.
  3. Hold your back and lower your hips.
  4. Lift the barbell until you stand straight.
  5. Place and hold a barbell in front of your thigh.
  6. Do this step with the load increasing with each workout.

Floor Press Dumbbell Exercises

This exercise makes you lie on the floor. When you are lying down, hold a dumbbell in both your hands. Then lift the two dumbbells above your chest. Don’t forget to position your palms so that they are facing each other. After that, lower the dumbbells until the floor is in contact with your tricep. Take your breath for a moment and rest for a moment before repeating this exercise.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

This Dumbbell Reverse Lung exercise is an exercise that uses the handle ab wheel. Put the handle right in front of you, then hold it. Align your back and knees. It makes your knees position. Repeat this step.

Bulgarian Split Squad

This exercise uses tools, namely chairs and dumbbells. The first step is to place your legs on a chair with the dumbbell in front of your chest. Then, squat down slowly. Do this exercise repeatedly.

Bench Press

Supporting tools in this bench press exercise are a barbell and a support rack. The barbell is the object you will lift, while the support rack is where you will lie down. First of all, lift the barbell, which is then followed by spreading your arms’ position by paying attention to your shoulders as well. Lift and lower the barbell as best you can. Don’t forget to push your feet while doing the barbell lift.

Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row is the third exercise on your second day of training. This exercise requires dumbbells as a tool. You only need to lift the dumbbell with one hand. Then also allow the other hand to lift it. This exercise can build your arm muscles. Don’t forget to do repetitions.

Off-Bench Side Plank

For this exercise, you will need a bench to lie on. Put your hips on the available court. For beginners, you can use other tools for your footrests. Do repetitions of this exercise to get maximum results.

Front Squat

For this one exercise, you will need a barbell. The way to practice is quite simple, first place the dumbbell on the rack to have more extended support. After that, lift the barbell. Don’t forget to put your hands on your shoulders. Do this exercise repeatedly in a structured position and squat.

Inverted Row

In this exercise, prepare posts and retaining racks. Lay your shoulders on the shelf. Then pull the pole that you prepared earlier. Don’t forget to consider the width of your shoulders when lifting the rod.

Single-Leg Hip Thrust

Before doing this exercise, prepare the bench first. After that, sit on the floor. Then, lean back on the court that you designed earlier. Push your leg. The next stage is to align your body until your body is in contact with the floor. If you feel that you are still able to withstand a heavier weight, increase it. Repeat this exercise.

Push Up

Push-Ups may be familiar to you. As you know, with push-ups, place your palms on the floor. After that, lift your body. Make sure that your body forms a straight line. Raise and lower. Do this step over and over again.

It is information about how to build lean male muscles. You can do this regularly and with the exercise suggestions above.