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11 Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Men

  •  Christ Ally

Symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection in Men

The urinary tract deserves attention. It is classified as a vital role because it involves the excretory system. Usually, the urinary tract often gets various problems, one of which is infection. Urinary tract infections can occur in both men and women, although women are usually the most affected by this disease.

Please note that this infection is generally caused by the bacterium Escherichia Coli. This type of bacteria usually has a habitat in the large intestine and anus because these bacteria are known to function in the process of decay. In addition, this infection is also the result of errors during sexual intercourse.

The following are symptoms of urinary tract infection in men:

Cloudy color of urine

Besides being a sign that something terrible is happening to the kidneys, cloudy urine can also signify an infection in the urinary tract. In addition to cloudiness, this will also give another symptom, a color too dark. If this sign happens to you, your health condition is not good.

Urinary release abnormal

It occurs when a man excretes small amounts of urine. The problem lies in the amount of urine and the urge to urinate immediately. It’s not unusual if you want to pass urine, but the amount is tiny.

Smelly urine

The smell of urine is a symptom of a urinary tract infection. The scent that comes out will tend to smell bad. It is unusual for urine to emit a very pungent and foul odor. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor to overcome this problem.

Blood in urine

A man who suffers from a urinary tract infection will also tend to find blood in the urine. Urine mixed with blood indicates that your condition is unhealthy condition. Urine usually contains salt and minerals. It is a sign that you have a urinary tract disorder.

Pain in the lower pelvis

The lower pelvis is the location where the urinary tract is located. You will also feel pain at that location. The pain is present because of the accumulation of urine that should have come out. Impaired urine output can also occur due to an infection in your urinary tract.

High fever

After the man suffers from the infection, a high fever follows the symptoms. It is the body’s response to an infected urinary tract. In addition to attacking the excretory system, urinary tract infections in men can also interfere with the immune system, resulting in decreased resistance quality.


In addition to causing a high fever, urinary tract infections will also give a shivering reaction. You can overcome this by making use of the ginger concoction. These herbs can help you to warm your body.

Burning feeling

Another symptom is a burning sensation when passing urine. It triggers intense pain. No one feels hot in the shower except you. It can all happen because your urinary tract is infected.


The response to nausea is one of the signals the body gives when a urinary tract infection attacks you.


In addition to nausea, this is accompanied by vomiting in people with urinary tract infections. It is detrimental to you because vomiting expels the food you consume before it is finished processing.

Weak body

Feeling tired and weak will also be a symptom of a urinary tract infection. It has to do with one’s immune system.

Given the dangers of an infected urinary tract, you must stay alert to the symptoms above. You can use the information above to suspect whether it is true if you have an infection in your urinary tract. In addition to seeing a doctor, you can also treat it by taking antibiotics regularly.