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12 Symbol of a Man Falling in Love with a Woman

  •  Christ Ally

Symbol of a Man Falling in Love with a Woman

Many say that falling in love is beautiful but can cause pain. The pain can come for various reasons, starting from rejecting love. As a woman, you are not as brave as a man to express your love for someone. That’s what makes you keep waiting until whenever it is. Indeed, no one likes to wait, especially for things related to feelings.

Men who are in love are very hard to tell whether they like you or not. What’s more, if the guy is fantastic, it’s challenging to know if he likes you too.

You can tell if the guy is falling for you in several ways. This method is identical to the characteristics and behavior that men do. It will help you understand how to tell a guy in love so you can know how he feels about you.


A man in love will also give you the best possible attention. This attention can be categorized in the questions he asked you. He’s also watching your behavior, so he always has something to talk about with him.

Sending message

Sending messages is done very quickly without going through the post office first. Of course, it’s beneficial for a man in love. A man in love with you will send you short messages as often as possible, even to the point of irritating you. He is very curious about what you are up to and your day. That’s what made him goaded to message you.

Giving gifts

Indeed, everyone loves gifts, especially women. It’s what men often do when they fall in love with a woman they like. Presents will usually be given to you on your special day, like your birthday. However, he will also give you gifts even if there isn’t a special day at that time.

Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the things that is often associated with feelings of liking, whether it likes in communication or preferences in the form of romance.

A man in love will have intense eye contact with you. If a woman is caught looking at her idol, she will immediately avert her eyes. It is prevalent because women have very high prestige regarding their feelings. However, this is not the case for men.

A man in love will find it very difficult to take his eyes off you, even if he has been caught off guard. His eyes will be attached to your face as long as possible, including your eyes.

Stay close

It’s normal for everyone who falls in love, especially men, always to want to be close to someone they like. Many also do it in a way that irritates the woman. Usually, he wants to stay close to you, even if that is unique and wrong in your opinion.

Love to call

Besides texting you, a man in love will also call you frequently. Indeed, via SMS, he will know what you are up to and how your day was. However, he wants to hear your voice. Your voice can make him miss, even though he just met.

Inviting to talk

Of course, it will happen to a brave man. Many men don’t dare to chat with their idols. By inviting you to talk, he will usually be looking for what he should talk about next. In addition, of course, he will also ask about your preferences, including your hobbies.

Trying to be humorous

For some women, humorous nature may be the main reason to fall in love with someone. Many men are also aware of this, so he tries to be funny as much as possible. In addition, he also definitely wants to see you smile and laugh. Moreover, he is the reason for your joy.

Invite a date

Dating is one of those things that a guy who has fallen for you will ask for your approval. Dating is one of those moments he used to be around you all day. He likes spending his time with you. Of course, he will also ask you out in an unusual place.


He is willing to sacrifice for the woman he loves. Sacrifices can be anything. Suppose he will be glad to save your pride. He will feel sad when you have difficulties. That’s why he put aside his affairs for you.


A protective nature comes in men towards the person they like. The man’s affection indeed causes this. He will try to keep you in a safe condition. However, this is very dangerous if carried over to courtship.


Seducing is also one way for men to be close to you. Usually, he will give you sweet words that make you blush. Apart from compliments, most women like to be courted, even though the seduction is unreasonable.