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8 Sports for Fat Men, It Works Perfect!

  •  Christ Ally

Sports for Fat Men

Sport is one of the essential aspects of maintaining the health of the human body. However, there are still many who do not care about this. Some say they are lazy and do not have time because they are busy with work. You may be an active person, but shouldn’t you also take care of your health? One way is through exercise. It will burn your calories. Not everyone knows how many calories they already have, so that various diseases arise, one of which is diabetes.

Everyone stays away from diabetes, even if it is related to cholesterol that strikes an adult. You can consume any food as long as it is at a balanced level. If you can’t control your urge to eat, you have to maintain it by exercising.

Simple hand movements will also help you burn calories. Random hand movements you can do with your own version. Don’t forget to move the rest of your body. You can do hand movements in a sitting position.

In addition to hand movements, leg movements can certainly be an alternative for you. Foot movements are also very simple like hand movements. The initial position when performing leg movements is on your back. Then, lift your legs and lower them. This exercise can help you lose your weight even though it is very simple. It can also help the thigh muscles in contracting. However, some obese people have difficulties. It is because of their weight so they can’t do sports like ordinary people.


Usually, people decide to walk because the distance from origin and destination is not too far, so they are reluctant to pay for transportation. However, did you know that walking is also very good for those of you who are overweight? Of course, this will be a bit tiresome for you. That fatigue will produce sweat on your body, so you will also burn fat.


Fat people can do aerobics using fitness equipment or even in the swimming pool. You need to know that aerobics is perfect for your heart. For someone who is obese, aerobics can reduce the risk of joint pain. Therefore, you need to do this sport.

Functional exercise

Another exercise for those of you who are overweight is functional. These are movements that can strengthen specific muscles related to the limb you are using. Practical exercises you can apply to the legs. First, sit down on a chair the way you usually would. After that, get up. It would help if you did the movement over and over again. Your thigh muscles will also be trained, including your body balance, through this exercise.


Gymnastics is very suitable for those of you who are overweight. Light exercise is beneficial for you because it has pretty simple movements. You don’t find high jumps in gymnastics like this because jumping movements are hazardous for fat people.

Stationary bike

You may often see stationary bikes in various sports venues. For those of you who have problems with obesity, you can try a stationary bike as an alternative to your health.


Boxing is excellent for you who are fat. You don’t need the rules as they are in the boxing ring because what you are facing is not human. Use the protector on your fingers so that you do not get injured by a hard impact.


This activity will also be helpful for you. You have to prepare the weight you want to lift first. However, you need to know that the weight you are lifting should be expected or not too heavy. Do it regularly every week by doing it two times.


Swimming is a sport that is suitable for you who are fat. Usually, injuries while doing swimming are prevalent in ordinary people. However, in obese people, it is so safe that you need to do it. You can start now and then routinely do it once a week. Your leg and thigh muscles can also be trained by swimming.