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8 Signs Of Women Longing For Men

  •  Christ Ally

Signs Of Women Longing For Men

For some women, expressing their longing is very difficult for them to do. Moreover, the prestige nature that women have. However, you need to know that her body and movements cannot lie when a woman misses a man. You can notice how a woman behaves. But you will need foresight for this.

Everyone in the world must have had a sense of longing, whether for whatever it was. It may even include your partner. You have certainly felt the peak of hunger.

Some people who are missing their partner often have specific characteristics. Even though your mouth says no, your heart always screams that you want to meet someone.

Request a photo

A longing lady will also ask you to send her a photo. She wants to know where you are right now and what you are doing. What’s more, when it’s time for a break, she won’t hesitate to ask you to send her photos of what food you’re enjoying. Therefore, when you get this sign, it is a sure sign that she is missing you.

Sending unimportant messages

Usually, someone sends an unimportant short message. However, for a woman longing for a man, this is the most visible sign. When she misses you, she will often send you messages that are not important. Therefore, be aware! Maybe she doesn’t know how to convey her longing other than by sending unimportant messages.

Reply to messages quickly

No matter what she is doing, she will do her best to reply to your messages as quickly as possible. That’s because she wants to communicate with you. She wants to create a lot of conversation between you two. For that, she also did not want to miss the moment. She will always wait for your reply and reply to your message as soon as possible.

Like your old photos on Instagram

Instagram is a social media that contains photos of a person. When someone is attracted to someone else, they often stalk the picture. Likewise, what happens to women who are longing for men. She will also hunt and like your photos, including photos posted on your Instagram for a long time. When you find these traits in the woman, it never hurts to start a conversation.

Making lots of reasons to meet

The only antidote to longing is meeting. Therefore, women will, of course, also look for thousands of reasons to meet you. She will issue thousands of ways and tricks that she can do. Therefore, be aware and understand that she wants to meet you soon.

Unlocking memories

Opening memories is one way that women do to remember men again. She will purposely go to a favorite place. When you’re a busy guy, she doesn’t want to bother you with your work either, so all she can do is remember you.


Restlessness is a characteristic of women who miss men. This feeling of restlessness generally occurs at night. She is always thinking about you, about whatever you are doing. Sometimes she also thinks about whether you miss her as much as she does. This restlessness leads her to insomnia and difficulty sleeping even though it is late.

It may be difficult for some women to express their longing for you directly. But she has her way of saying it. Most women are so embarrassed to reveal it that she decides to laugh.

An unclear anger

Women who are longing also have characteristics that are unclear anger. Something that is not logical as a problem. In this case, it’s apparent that she’s missing you and wants you to spend more time with her. When a woman is not transparent with you, calm her down and reassure her that you know the point and purpose of the anger.