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12 Signs of Men Falling in Love with Women

  •  Christ Ally

Signs of Men Falling in Love with Women

Many people cannot predict the coming of love, and they cannot resist it either. You will never know when you fall in love with someone. When you fall in love, you sometimes don’t realize it.

You may well hide those feelings because you don’t want them to know. Usually, you also secretly love other people because you feel that it is not right to express those feelings now. Here is the answer to that question for those of you who are curious or unsure about the feelings you have today.

Stealing glances

The first characteristic is if someone falls in love, then that person will steal a glance. When with other people, a person will secretly pay attention to the woman he likes. When the woman sees him back, he will immediately avert her gaze.

Become awkward

It is no secret that a man in love with a woman will feel uncomfortable when she asks him to talk. It is indeed commonplace and is one of the signs that people often see. If you feel embarrassed and don’t know what to do, that is a sign that you are really in love. Usually, men tend to scratch the back of their heads even though they don’t itch.

Feelings of awkwardness will arise if a guy talks or is alone with a woman he likes. If you feel awkward in a situation, that is a sign that you are starting to fall in love with that woman secretly.

Very considerate

A man in love secretly will be very considerate of her, whether in action or just through words. It is one of the characteristics that indicate if you fall in love with them.


Men feel nervous or insecure when the woman they like approaches them. A man will get nervous when he is next to a woman he wants. Therefore, you need to know how to deal with nervousness in front of women.

Staring for a long time

The gaze describes the heart’s content. When a man falls in love with a woman, of course, he will always feel enthusiastic when he looks at her. Usually, he will look at the woman he likes for a very long time. You also have to know the look in a man’s eyes when you fall in love.

Feeling worried

A man always wants the woman he loves to be safe and sound. If the woman doesn’t look okay, sometimes he will feel anxious.

Seeking attention

Through the approach, a man who falls in love secretly will seek attention because he feels that the woman is not paying attention to him. They might even bother the woman because they always want more attention.

Change of appearance

The guys started paying attention to their appearance and started to look more relaxed. It is a sign that a man is in love with a woman.

Physical contact

The meaning of touch for women is the concern of men. Love can also show through physical contact. If a man falls in love with a woman secretly, then usually he will touch her gently.

Always remember things about that woman

A man in love will never forget birthdays, favorite foods, and the habits of women. A man who falls in love secretly will never forget all the little things about her. They will remember it because that woman is their idol.

Provide assistance

If you fall in love, you will always be ready to help the people you love, right? It is a sign that you are really in love. Men who like women secretly will always do anything as long as they can help.

Willing to give in

Men who are indeed in love will quietly give in for the woman they love. If a man gives in and is willing to do anything for a woman, then that is a sign that a man likes her.

Those are some signs that a man is secretly in love with a woman. Of course, if you do have feelings that you do, you should immediately express those feelings.