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11 Signs of an Ignorant Man You Need to Understand

  •  Christ Ally

Signs of an Ignorant Man You Need to Understand

You may be one of those people who is in love with a man. When you fall in love with a humorous man, you laugh every day. However, an ignorant man will never make you like it. Men with this kind of personality are indeed cool men.

An ignorant man acts like a grown man who thinks hard about everything he wants to do. He had many considerations before he did anything. It is also a trigger for some women to fall in love with ignorant men. Surprisingly, they still fell time and time again for this man. The following are the characteristics of a cool man you need to know as a form of preparation.

Rarely to call or SMS

When a man is in love, then there is too much longing for the person he loves. He will do whatever it takes to hear the voice of the person he loves. It happens because men are trained to get what they want. However, this does not happen to a cool man. He will very rarely call you.

If you want a man who is romantic every day, then never fall for an ignorant man. He must also rarely text you. He may love you, but you have to try to accept this harsh reality. In addition, innocent men also often take a long to reply to SMS.

Focus on work

An ignorant man can focus on the highest level of work. He doesn’t even feel your presence beside him anymore. Even if the job is a job that requires him to think hard. Therefore, throw away your dreams to ask him how he is when he has important work to do.

Spending time with friends

A woman wants a partner who is on standby 24 hours a day. It proves that women want to spend time with the man she loves. However, for you ladies who have an indifferent male partner, you will lose priority with your lover’s friends.

Not jealous

Some people think that jealousy is a sign of love. However, this is not at all true of the ignorant man. He will free you to talk to anyone. He allows you to be close to other men because he is always indifferent.

He won’t ask you a bunch of questions when you’re around another guy. When you answer that the other person is a friend, he will remember that the other person is a friend.


The ignorant man also has a simple nature. In other words, he wouldn’t act strangely because he had thought things through. Therefore, he would act naturally.

Anti betrayal

Just imagine when you are positive thinking where you trust your partner completely. You are betrayed instead. It is also what happened to the ignorant man. Never once that you are wrong in using his trust. It will hurt his heart.

Not showing off romance

Many women want to feel romance just to prove that they are a happy couple. But you won’t get this from an ignorant man.

Closing personal matters

When an indifferent man gets into a problem, he will tend to cover up the issue. Therefore, you need to understand it with a different understanding. That’s not because he doesn’t believe in you but because he’s trained to think hard. He’s not the type of guy to whine and complain to other people about his problems because he feels that he can work things out independently.


You don’t need to question the loyalty of an ignorant man because their commitment is outstanding. He is not easily attracted to other people. It is what makes you the second woman after her mother.

It’s not easy to fall in love

In general, ignorant men are also not easy to fall in love with. It may be because he is too focused on his work and what he has. Therefore, you have to put in extra effort to make him fall in your arms.


Many ignorant men have intelligent brains. It happens because he has been trained to be hard and focused in thinking. That’s why it’s not so difficult for him to accept lessons at school.