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9 Signs a Woman Wants to Break Up with You

  •  Christ Ally

Signs a Woman Wants to Break Up with You

When you have a relationship with a woman, you have to pay attention to the movements she makes. Women often do not want to express it directly. However, she hopes that her boyfriend understands the meaning of her every move without bothering to tell you now.

If it’s her birthday soon, a woman may signal to her partner about it. She will hope that you will give her what she wants. Therefore, if it didn’t live up to her expectations, she would feel very disappointed.

Talking about female signals, she will also signal that she is no longer interested in you. There is a different feeling if you compare between then and now. At first, she feels happier, but she seems like she is bored with you over time.

You also certainly can not impose your will. You need to know that women also have a significant right to make their life choices, including continuing or ending a relationship with you.

Rarely to communicate

Communication is an essential thing in a relationship. Good communication will undoubtedly support a good relationship as well. Therefore, when a woman rarely communicates with her partner, she may get bored with you. It’s a sign that she wants to break up with you.

Prefer alone

A woman who loves her partner will not do this. Therefore, when you ask her out, and she responds that she doesn’t want to and wants to be alone, this indicates that she wants to break up with you. Therefore, be aware of it and give her what she wants.

Not answering your phone

As a man who has a partner, you want to always be in communication. However, what if the woman does the exact opposite of what you do? You call many times, but she still doesn’t pick up. It is a sign that she wants to break up with you.

Always makes you numb

Women are sometimes present with selfishness. However, if the trait is too much, it’s because she wants to break up with you. It is illogical when he makes a mistake, but she scolds you.

In addition, she will also ask you to take responsibility for it even if you don’t. Therefore, you need to ask about what she wants from you.

Many reasons

One of the signals that women do is a lot of excuses. You have called her many times, but she is not responding to you. When you meet up the next day, and you ask her why he didn’t answer your phone, she’ll also come up with tons of excuses.

Less concern

Women often give a caring response to their partners. She will do his best for your good. However, if a woman wants to break up with you, she’s not even as sympathetic as she usually is. Therefore, start to finish it.

Less physical contact

However, if physical contact starts to wane, it’s because she wants to end the relationship with you immediately. If she always stays away, you should suspect that she is no longer interested in a relationship with you.

Asking you to change

Sometimes some people want to change and imitate someone else’s figure. Usually, it happens because someone is obsessed with their idol. However, this is very rare in men. Men typically change for the woman he cares about. However, if changing yourself does not come from personal desires, it will certainly cause discomfort.

If a woman loves you, of course, she will accept all your strengths and weaknesses. Even your weaknesses are also seen as advantages.


Many women talk about their body movements. However, if a woman has been signaling you and still isn’t getting what she wants, she’s also getting frustrated. She felt that she wanted to finish something but couldn’t finish.

As a man, you have to be quick to respond to this. Even though you still love her, you should also pay attention to her happiness.