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11 Signs a Woman Feels Jealous of Her Crush

  •  Christ Ally

Signs a Woman Feels Jealous of Her Crush

Jealousy is always present in a relationship. Jealousy is something expected. Both women and men must have felt jealousy. Sometimes the attitude of jealous women is different from men. Men rely on logic when jealous, while women rely on their feelings. Because one side is based on logic and the other is based on emotions, this often needs to be clarified.

If your partner is jealous, it could be that she has feelings for you too. It could be a green light to take the relationship to the next level. The following are signs of a jealous woman.


The silence of women raises questions. One of the signs that she is jealous is silence. If she is silent, it means so challenging to overcome jealousy. At this moment, all she wanted was understanding and an explanation. If a woman is quiet and doesn’t care about you anymore, then this phase is dangerous enough.

Suddenly crying

If your crush suddenly cries for no apparent reason, she’s hiding something but can’t express it. It could be that she is confused and does not know what to do because feelings of jealousy grip her.

Angry suddenly

Besides crying, suddenly, your crush is angry for no apparent reason. She was bringing up the past or something. It indicates she is jealous because she loves you and is afraid of losing you. Give a good explanation and make her understand.

Discuss weaknesses

When she feels jealous, she tends to talk about his shortcomings. His self-confidence decreases because you always see or are too close to other women. She saw other women more perfect and more excellent than herself. It’s for that reason you see them. You, as a man, should be more sensitive. Praise that strengths and weaknesses can be corrected. Build their confidence.


Jealousy doesn’t only come when you talk to other women but also observe other women. Your crush will start to compare herself to this woman. She will start looking for the woman’s strengths to attract you to her.

Difficult to contact

If she is jealous, her heart is sick, and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone until she can calm down and control herself. So that this is one of the characteristics of a woman being jealous; she doesn’t want to talk to you either. Therefore meet her, give her an explanation, and restore his trust in you.

Easy to suspect

When you’re on the phone, your crush listens intently and then asks. It is an indication of jealousy. Your passion is worried about whether you have another woman somewhere.

Open messages on your phone

When you’re on the toilet, or you’re not with your crush, and you leave your phone behind, your desire will be busy checking messages or whatever to see if another woman is in your heart besides her.


If you are talking to another woman, she will show discomfort, whether it’s the style of speech, attitude, or facial expressions. If you feel something is different from you, then ask carefully and provide clarification that the other woman is just a friend.


Suddenly she’s more protective than usual is another sign that she’s jealous. Or when you don’t pick up your phone, she might think you’re with another woman. For that, give her an explanation and trust.

Like to ask

Sometimes several questions arise in your crush when she sees you interacting with other women. Sometimes the questions are too many and unimportant to make you irritated. It is jealousy and fear of losing you.