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7 Reasons Why Men Are Thin After Marriage

  •  Christ Ally

Reasons Why Men Are Thin After Marriage

Obesity can affect anyone and is dangerous for everyone. An irregular lifestyle triggers obesity more quickly. However, being too thin is also a problem. The appearance also becomes less attractive such as malnutrition. A lean body is usually not found in married men. It is because his wife helps him take care of his life.

A wife has a job that she must do every day, including taking care of her husband’s needs. It makes the wife thinner and thinner because of her work every day. However, married men also experience slim bodies. Several causative factors are present in this case.

Nutritional deficiency

In general, people assume that nutritional intake is entirely the responsibility of the wife. The husband will work as hard as he can, and when he comes home, the food is ready for him. However, some small families are not very able to meet their needs. The husband does many activities, but his nutritional needs are not fulfilled due to economic factors. It is the cause of thin men after marriage.


Everyone needs to exercise because this is very important for health. Especially if someone is very busy, he often skipped dinner with his wife and children because he was too busy with work. It is scary for health.

On the other hand, you need to know that too much exercise is also not good for your physical condition. You will lose a lot of energy but not immediately replace it with energy sources. It is hazardous if you keep it. In addition, it will also make you thinner.


Smoking is common among married and unmarried people. Smoking is harmful to health, especially to the heart and lungs. The nicotine contained in every cigarette triggers various diseases. The weight of active smokers will be lower than non-smokers. When you stop smoking, you will gain weight. Many men decide to continue smoking even though they are aware of the harmful effects.


Apart from women, many men suffer from stress. It makes a person more energy runs out. It makes it harder for men to gain weight, even thinner over time. The responsibilities of a married man will be heavier, and this causes a burden.

Ulcer disease

Ulcer disease can affect anyone, including those who are married. It triggers the body’s metabolic system to work abnormally. The stomach gives a terrible work result, causing ulcer disease. Usually, people who are affected by ulcer disease will quickly get constipation or diarrhea. These two things are indeed very uncomfortable and make a man gain weight even after marriage.

Stay up late

Staying up late is one of the activities that men do. They get a lot of demands from the work they are doing. This demand forces you to sacrifice sleep to complete the task first. However, you need to know that staying up late is not suitable for metabolism. Therefore, you should pay attention to your sleep pattern. Lack of sleep at night can harm the enzymes in your body.


Hereditary factors in men are one of the causes. It is tough to overcome genetic factors. It is what causes if a man eats food, he will never get fat.