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9 Reasons Men Don’t Reply to Your Messages

  •  Christ Ally

Reasons Men Don't Reply to Your Messages

Men have a calm character in dealing with things, including replying to messages. In a relationship, gadgets facilitate communication via SMS or online applications.

Men tend to be slow to reply to messages, which can irritate a woman to death. Women tend to get upset, which can trigger emotional escalations and fights. Before you get angry, here’s a more detailed explanation of why men take too long to reply to messages.

Forgot to reply

When men are busy with their activities or work, they may forget an incoming message. It’s because they are not very focused on anything other than work, and they don’t know how to make women comfortable. For this reason, you can ask them how they are the next day. Please don’t be too hasty so you don’t confuse them even more.

Uninteresting chat

Men don’t reply to your messages because the chat is uninteresting, and your questions tend to be monotonous. It will make a man bored, especially if you ask him every day. Ignorant men don’t want other people to know their secrets.


Men take too long to reply to messages because they are busy and don’t have time to relax or hold their phones. He is active with work or doing errands. You can wait for them for a while because they will reply when their work is done by telling you what kept them busy all day and didn’t have time to respond to your messages.

Topic of conversation

Communication also requires good topic quality. If the conversation is not too essential and simple, then don’t be surprised if the guy will take a long time to reply to your message. It also applies if you don’t show enthusiasm or use questions that require an answer.


Not only women but men also need time to relieve stress. A man is not replying to your messages because he may be spending time doing his hobby. Maybe he’s busy playing a game, exercising, or reading a book. You have to understand if they are serious about themselves.

Tired and falling asleep

Being too tired after a day’s work and falling asleep can prevent them from replying to your messages promptly. They may have stayed up late chasing deadlines. Just like dealing with hardworking men, you need the patience to wait for their messages to reply.


If a guy gets together with friends to chat, he’s bound to lose track of time. Don’t be surprised if your partner doesn’t reply to your messages because he may be enjoying time with his friends. You don’t need to worry and take it easy; that’s also one of the essential things in socialization.

Battery run out

The reason men don’t reply to your messages seems a bit classic but logical. It can happen if the phone battery runs out. He might be doing fieldwork that doesn’t allow him to charge the battery and forgot to bring a power bank.


A man who doesn’t reply to your messages may be avoiding you. Like a man disappearing suddenly, this can happen to a couple in a serious relationship. Sometimes a guy who avoids you by not replying to messages may not be interested in you anymore. There are even worse things that other women attract his attention.