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12 Powerful Ways to Reduce Belly Fat For men

  •  Christ Ally

Powerful Ways to Reduce Belly Fat For men

There are many ways to reduce belly fat for men, but none of them are instant. As you get older, your waist circumference also increases. Although many people assume that this is often associated with prosperity, it is still just an excuse.

Some of you are wondering what exactly causes a distended stomach in men. Usually, after a man is married, some men begin to show signs of bloating but only in the abdomen. It occurs due to fat accumulation in the organs located in the gut, such as the liver and intestines.

It does not only happen to men but also women. The result is fatal if this condition is left alone because the sufferer will be at risk for diseases.

When you get older, the activity of hormones in your body also changes, especially in men who have reached the age of 40. The production of the hormone testosterone decreases so that it affects the accumulation of calories. It will turn into visceral fat, which causes the stomach to become distended.

Infrequent exercise is also one of the main factors that cause men to have a distended stomach. You have enough activities you can do every day to burn calories. However, if you are too fat, then you have to do strenuous activities.

Lack of sleep is also one of the factors that cause men to have a distended stomach. In addition, unhealthy eating also causes a person to get sleep disorders. When you have trouble sleeping, your body will be tired.

There are so many factors that can trigger a fatty waist but in general. An unhealthy lifestyle is the most critical factor. Here is how to reduce belly fat.

When you know the factors that can cause a distended stomach, you can take various preventive measures. You need to improve your lifestyle and eat healthy foods.

There is no instant way to deal with belly fat. Although most people don’t like sports, you can’t deny that exercise is the most powerful way to deal with a distended stomach.


It is one type of light exercise but provides a lot of benefits. It is perfect for you if you don’t have much time to exercise regularly. Do jogging every day to help you maintain your weight.

Sit up

It is one of the exercises that can help to slim the stomach. Do it right in the sleeping position by placing your hands on the nape of the neck and then lifting your body forward. Do it regularly, then slowly; your stomach circumference will shrink.

Bicycle exercise

It is an easy way for those who don’t have a bicycle, but you can still get the same benefits by cycling. It aims to strengthen the back, abdominal, and thigh muscles. You need to lie down, lift both knees to your chest and lift your head at the same time but keep your shoulders on the floor.


The way to overcome a distended stomach this time is to pedal your bicycle. If you have a bike at home, use it to get around while greeting your neighbors. It will also reduce stress levels as one of the triggers for a bulging stomach in men.

Down and up the stairs

This action can help you to shrink a distended stomach. Although this may seem tiring, it is a cheap exercise that can burn calories in your body. In addition, it will also train the leg muscles.

Brisk walk

Maybe you don’t realize that brisk walking is also an effective exercise to shrink the stomach. Walking fast trains not only the thigh muscles but also the abdominal muscles.

Sleep regularly

Irregular sleep patterns can increase the risk of obesity, while regular sleep will maximize the body’s metabolic function.

Reduce sugar consumption

Sugar is a source of energy, but if you overeat it, you gain fat. You need to reduce your sugar consumption unless you need it or you are a hard worker.


If you don’t like sweating, then swimming is the best solution. Swimming is not only able to make your stomach shrink but is also suitable for training the muscles. It is an effective way to lose weight and prevent belly fat.


It’s simple, but people who do fewer picnics get stressed more easily. Those who like picnics will always look happy. So set aside time for a vacation or do activities that can make you enjoy your holiday.

Don’t drink alcohol

As you know, alcohol contains ingredients that make you feel hungry quickly. You will find it difficult to control your appetite and even weight.

Avoid stress

Stress is one of the things that can trigger weight gain. It would help if you avoided anything that can cause stress and learn to think continuously positively.