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6 Physical Characteristics of a Woman’s Ideal Man

  •  Christ Ally

Physical Characteristics of a Woman's Ideal Man

Being a woman’s idol is often what men want. In various ways, men do attract the attention of the opposite sex. Some men increase the ability to look more masculine in front of women, and some men exercise as much as possible to have a body shape that women like. Body shape is often one of the attractions of women about a man, beyond his excellent and polite nature.

Body shape must be closely related to men’s physical characteristics. Indeed, many women still do not fall in love with a man with a beautiful physique. However, we cannot deny that many women place physical characteristics as an attractive male category.

Body shape

Body shape can also be influenced by the muscle mass possessed by a man. Whether wearing clothes or not, the ideal male body shape is beautiful to the opposite sex. When he uses a shirt as much as possible, the shirt gives the effect of body shape on men. Not wearing clothes also gives more shape to the man’s body.

Various things affect the shape of a man’s body, including his lifestyle. A man who eats carelessly certainly does not have the ideal body shape of a man who eats healthy food.

Body mass

The first point of the physical characteristics of a woman’s ideal man is related to his body mass. Women like men who have a body mass that supports their appearance. You should also know that body mass is different from body weight. Good body mass is usually characterized by the muscles that men have. Not a problem if you are small and thin. However, make sure that you have the right body mass. In other words, the muscles of your body are solid and contained.

There are many reasons why women like men whose physical characteristics have an ideal body mass. Some think they look more attractive because their muscle mass can be why women like to look at them. There is also a reason because the masculine side is more visible. After all, women do not have such muscles.

In the health world, there is also evidence that a man who has ideal muscle mass is he who also has a reasonable fertility rate, including the fertility level of his vital organs. It is due to smooth blood circulation and reduced toxic substances from the body due to regular exercise so that the performance of critical organs improves.

Facial hair

Although not as important as muscle mass, facial hair is also essential for you to become the man that women desire. Begin to allow hair to grow on your face, be it in the form of a beard or mustache. However, you also need to pay attention to the length of your facial hair. Women certainly want men who look cool or don’t like their fathers.

When you have a beard or mustache that is too long and too crowded, get it trimmed immediately. It will only bring out the look of a father woman you like.

An untidy beard will give you an old impression. In addition, if your facial hair grows and does not form the correct shape on your face, it can certainly reduce your handsome side. You will be impressed. Therefore, be diligent in washing your face so that you look radiant. Also, make sure that your facial hair grows thin and regularly. You can use a razor to trim it.

Symmetrical body

In addition to paying attention to body shape, such as muscle mass, you also have to pay attention to the symmetry of your body. A man who has a symmetrical body will undoubtedly have the same size between the left and right. It happens because nothing stands out from the man’s body so that it seems better.

You need to know that to get a symmetrical body, you must pay attention to your health. A symmetrical shape will show a healthy body. It can also be caused by not finding something more prominent on each side of the body.

Strong jaw

Strong jaws can also be one of the attractions for you. The characteristic of strong jaws has prevailed since time immemorial. With strong jaws, it can help in consuming food. In other words, someone with a stronger jaw will live longer because they can eat more types of food.

Deep voice

Maybe the sound is not included in the physical characteristics. However, it turns out that even though it can’t be seen, the sound can attract women. It is known that many women are very fond of men with deep voices. A deep or deep voice is usually a man has as he grows older. The sound will get softer, even if it is deep or shallow.