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10 Men’s Facial Treatment with Oily Skin

  •  Christ Ally

Men's Facial Treatment with Oily Skin

Having an oily face bothers everyone. The oil can also make your face look dirty and duller. It is due to excess oil levels on your face. It makes it easier for dirt to stick to your face and clog your pores. Acne is something you can’t avoid.

As a man, you must pay attention to the condition of your face. Indeed, men are not like women in the skincare they do. However, as a grown man, you may want to look better in front of women.

Your face is the main thing people see when you’re communicating. Not infrequently, the face is the reason someone falls in love. Here are tips on oily face care for men.

Warm water

Warm water can also treat oily faces. You can rinse your face or use a towel. In addition, you may need salt in the warm water to control the oil on your face.

Cleansing oil

You may be wondering why you should use cleansing oil. You can use it before showering every afternoon. It can reduce the excess fat on your face. At first glance, its function is the same as facial cleansing soap.

Facial cleansing soap

The facial cleansing soap is the main thing that you should consider properly. It will determine your facial condition. If you choose the wrong facial cleanser, this will result in something bad for your face. Therefore, you must select the best facial cleansing product for oily skin.

Facial skin peeling

You can also do a peel on your facial skin. Peeling works by removing dead skin cells that cause a dull face. Oily skin has thicker dead skin cells than other skin types. Therefore, do skin peeling on your face regularly to deal with oil.


This fruit has benefits for skin health. Lime can overcome dull facial skin. You can apply lime juice to your face for those of you who have oily skin types. It will brighten your complexion by controlling excess oil. However, please do not use it excessively because it will irritate your skin.


Usually, toner is familiar among women. However, you can also use it. Toner can help your facial skin to reduce acidity levels. In addition, you can reduce the oil on your face with regular use. Not only that, but toner is also helpful in freeing your face from dirt just before you sleep. Make sure your look is clean before going to bed.


Sunblock is something you have to prepare when you want to do something in the hot sun. For those who have oily skin, make sure that the sunblock is suitable for your skin type.

Facial scrub

Facial skin scrubbing is a means of treating oily skin. Do this by rubbing the scrub material on your face. You should also pay attention to the acne-prone areas. Do not do this on acne-prone skin, as this will cause irritation and sores.

Moisturizer for oily skin

Did you know that most moisturizers make your facial pores bigger? It is because the content of the moisturizing product is too dense. It will clog the skin pores. You need to know that moisturizing products are not only available for those with dry skin. However, there are also moisturizers for oily skin.

Hair oil

Using hair oil too often can make the skin even more oily. It happens because hair oil wets the scalp. Dirt will build up and spread to the face area. Therefore, control the use of hair oil. You can wash your hair regularly without using hair oil too often.