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8 How To Increase Hair Thickness For Men

  •  Christ Ally

How To Increase Hair Thickness For Men

The appearance of a man depends on what is on his body, even more so on his face. Some argue that clothes are the main thing. But some say a man looks attractive if he has beautiful hair too. The thickness of hair in men is also often in the public spotlight, especially for women. Besides women, hair is a crown for men. However, many things worsen a man’s appearance because of his hair.

Hair loss is more common in women. It is because the load of nutrients that must be present in the head is less than it should be. However, this is also often a problem for men. Thick hair can give the impression that you are in good health. However, if you have thin hair, some people who see you will give you fewer points for your appearance.

Aloe vera

You don’t need to doubt the benefits of aloe vera anymore. Besides being good for your health, aloe vera is also perfect for the health of your hair. It’s one of the reasons why aloe vera extract is often present in hair care products. Besides being beneficial for hair, aloe vera is also suitable for facial skin health. Use aloe vera to shrink your facial pores and treat the blackheads that you have.

Green tea

To have thick and healthy hair, you must maintain these follicles’ levels. Dihydrotestosterone hormone always affects your hair. When levels of this hormone increase in your body, it can cause damage to your hair.

Damage to the hair is caused by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which triggers the dihydrotestosterone hormone to increase, resulting in hair damage. Green tea helps you deal with the damage to your hair by scavenging the free radicals in your environment.

Egg whites

Eggs are perfect for caring for your hair, both the yolk and egg white. If you want your hair to grow fast and long, use an egg-white mask on your hair.

It would be best to separate the egg white from the yolks to taking the white part. Before applying it to your hair, wet it first. It aims to moisturize your hair before application. After that, apply and wait up to 1 hour. Then, rinse with cold water. Use cold water to close the pores of your head so that the nutrients from egg whites can work optimally for your hair.


Celery is also often present in various dishes. In addition, celery can also help you in adding volume to your hair. The part of celery that you can use is the stalk. Puree the celery stalk and then apply it to your hair. Do this regularly, two times a week, and see the results!

Vitamin A

You can get vitamin A from various foods because the presence of vitamin A is quite close to your environment. You can consume eggs, carrots, and spinach to get the vitamin A intake.

Olive oil

In addition to dealing with dry skin problems, olive oil also benefits your hair. For its application, use olive oil daily, namely at night before bed. This olive oil will help you to get even thicker hair volume.


The part that you can use is the coconut milk part. You only need to apply the coconut milk to your hair, including your scalp, because the coconut milk will start working from the roots of your hair. This process takes about 30 minutes, and you do it regularly.

Kukui nut oil

It can help you blacken your hair and even add volume to it. The method is straightforward and can also help you save on expenses. First of all, first, clean the candle that you want to use. Then take water and boil it together with the pecan. Wait for the stew until you see a floating oil. This oil is what you will use. Do this step regularly for maximum results.