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12 How To Gain Weight For Men

  •  Christ Ally

How To Gain Weight For Men

Only some need to diet or lose weight, and some men also need to gain weight. Men gain weight by overcoming health problems, increasing muscle mass, increasing self-confidence, and improving appearance.

Men who do not have certain diseases do have a faster metabolic system which makes it difficult for their bodies to gain weight. Here are some ways to increase male weight naturally.

Eat a lot and regularly

To gain weight is to eat 5-6 times a day, with a pattern of 3 large meals as usual and 2-3 times eat healthy snacks, such as fruit, dried fruit, or nuts. The duration of this diet is every 3 hours. Do this diet regularly.

Don’t drink before eating

Drinking water before eating is recommended for people following a diet program, not for people following a body-fattening program. Drinking water before eating can make the stomach full, reducing the meal portion.

Consume healthy, nutritious food

Foods that make body fat are not only fatty and high in calories. However, the need for balanced nutrition between carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat can also make the body fatter. If food does not have a balance of nutrients, then this can cause increased cholesterol, leading to the risk of a heart attack.

Vitamin-rich food sources can be obtained from various fruits, while minerals from milk, cheese, red meat, and vegetables.

Add calories

Calories are the body’s primary energy source, and calories differ from fat. Everyone’s calorie needs are different. It depends on the amount of energy they expend each day. Therefore, adding calories to the body can be a source of energy for daily activities. Calories can be added, for example, by adding grated cheese or nuts to food. But try not to overdo it because calories can pose a risk of diabetes.

Chew food until smooth

Chewing food is indeed seen as a trivial thing for some people. However, the advantage of chewing food until smooth is that it makes it easier for the body to absorb food nutrients. The appropriate number of chews is at least 26 times.

Weight gain milk

Apart from foods rich in nutrients and calories, you can also consume special milk, which can fatten the body. If you are more comfortable with powdered milk, you can use it with a thicker drinking dose.


Juices or smoothies are a type of drink that is effective for gaining weight. It is because, apart from being healthy, these drinks can be absorbed into the body more quickly. Smoothies are drinks with a milk or yogurt base with certain fruits or vegetables.

Avoid caffeine

As a caffeinated drink, coffee contains ingredients that can suppress one’s appetite. The acid content in coffee can increase stomach acid, which is at risk of developing stomach ulcers which can cause the body to have difficulty eating.

Body fattening honey

Besides having various benefits that are good for health, honey is also one of the suitable types of food to carry out a body fattening program. Body-fattening honey can be the right choice because its natural content will not cause side effects that can interfere with health.

Drink 30 minutes after eating

Drinking water after meals can help increase the absorption of nutrients in the body. So this can help fatten the body naturally. In addition, bananas also have the same ability to help absorb nutrients in the body.


One of the physical activities that can help increase body weight is exercise, especially if done regularly. When exercising, you will remove a lot of calories from the body. So this will cause an increase in appetite. The ideal sports for gaining weight include jogging, cycling, aerobics, swimming, yoga, and lifting weights.

Set bedtime

Having a regular bedtime is highly recommended for maintaining health. Good sleep time is for 6-8 hours a day at night, not early in the morning.