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10 How to Express Love to Your Best Friend

  •  Christ Ally

How to Express Love to Your Best Friend

After walking for a long time, the feelings of love from friends turned into feelings of love. This feeling of love creates a dilemma for someone. It must maintain the relationship as best friends or have to advance further to become a boyfriend.

This story is familiar to us. Feelings of guilt will be present for fear of the friendship being destroyed. On the other hand, there is a hidden feeling that is quite torturous. Sometimes hidden feelings of love make you forced to give up your best friend to fall into someone else’s arms. However, isn’t that very painful? It could be that your friends also harbor the same feelings as you but don’t dare to express them.

For those of you who experience such problems. Here are some ways to express love for your best friend.

Slow down

Don’t be careless before confessing your feelings to your friends. Without reflective thinking and getting too carried away, you will only ruin the friendship so far. So before you claim, you need to confirm your feelings. Ensure that your feelings are real and what they are, not a momentary love and a sense of distraction from something else.

Special surprise

Show your affection gradually. Give her small but flattering and happy gifts like giving her chocolates and unique items that she likes. Just state the reason that you want to make her happy. Do it in a rhythm that makes her guess what you mean.

Pay attention

Be a good listener, pay attention to what she is talking about, even if it’s only a story about her daily life or even the most minor thing. It will prove that you not only know her better than anyone else but that you get along very well together. Besides that, be more sensitive to what she needs. Make sure you are always there for your friends.

Be sensitive

It would help if you were more sensitive, like understanding the signs that your friend likes you. Watch for symptoms such as whether your friend always wants to hang out with you. It is a simple sign that you can pay attention to before you express your feelings.

Flirt with each other

If you’ve never tried teasing her before, why not give it a try now? Even if it’s a joke, that way, you can see how she responds and see if she’ll flirt with you in return. It is a great way to test the extent of your love.

Be wise

It’s best to be discreet about your feelings. Whenever you try to tell your best friend that you love them, make sure you have given it some thought. Don’t talk too often about how you feel to her friends or other people.

Talk to other friends

Close friends are the key to her heart! Her friend will tell you everything you need to know about her. Also, ask if you might be with her, or it could be her friends’ opinion if you are trying to have a relationship.

Classic strategy

Do this strategy only if you are sure that she likes it too. Make her miss your presence. It would help if you stayed away for a while but hurry back by still paying more attention to it. But don’t do it this way too often.

Special moments

Being friends may not be a strange thing when you walk together. You can make your moment with her feel different. Take her to the playground. Do fun things and make sure she always needs your protection. During the break, start getting into more specific conversations that you are thrilled with.

Always there

Expectations won’t come true if you stand still and don’t try. Sometimes at the right time, maybe you will confess your feelings to her. The obstacle you face is that you don’t know how she feels.

Show her that you deserve to be more than friends. Be her best friend when she has a problem, always be by her side when she needs it, provide support when she is upset and often ask her to joke. Be someone who is always there at any time.