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12 How To Express Love To Women With The Right Way

  •  Christ Ally

How To Express Love To Women With The Right Way

For you, men who have been close to women for a long time, confessing their feelings to her so that she wants to be your lover is not an easy matter. The process of expressing love requires strong determination and is physically and mentally healthy. It is a moment to prove that your ideal woman reciprocates your feelings or not.

Expressing love is not only with words, but more importantly is preparation, plans, and strategies. Women are God’s creatures who love romance. Therefore, you need excellent planning.

Mental preparation

Mental is the foundation that will determine the toughness of your attitude and appearance when confessing love to the woman you like. A strong mentality will exude charm and charisma.


You need a well-thought plan and strategy to support mental preparation when you confess your love to your lover. Before you express love, you’ll want to know for sure if you drill a woman who likes you or not. It is, of course, to minimize the possibility of rejection on you.

Once you are sure about how she feels, the next step is to set a plan and strategy. You can determine the place, the order of words you want to say, the arrangement of the statement of love, to the gifts you will give.

Choose the right place

The place you choose can be a place to remember when you approach. For example, a place where you two meet or a place when doing something together for the first time. An unexpected place can also be an option. For example, the basketball stadium when you finish watching a game together.

Act like you’re proposing

Even if it’s just expressing love, you need to act like you’re proposing. It is also one of the ways that can make a woman’s heart tremble. When you want to say a statement of love, you can kneel in front of the woman while giving many flowers.

Writing a letter

For those of you who are shy, letters are a medium that can bridge your feelings for the women you worship. You can directly give this letter of love to her when you meet her at your place of activity. It will remind you of your grandparents’ struggles.

Take advantage of technology

Sophisticated technology can also help you shoot idol women, especially those who have long-distance relationships. You can use voice notes, sticker chat, various chat applications to social media.

Use romantic words

Many women like romantic words. These words from the deepest heart with the appropriate sentence order can penetrate a woman’s heart. But remember, don’t use words that are too much.

Romantic atmosphere

The romantic atmosphere for each couple is different. Some situations can be options for those of you who want to express your love, including when you go out to enjoy the evening, when cooking together, having dinner together, vacation together, or even when playing games together.

Talk with song

For men who are good at playing music and have a voice above average, singing a song can be an alternative to get rid of nervousness. Choose one romantic piece that she likes.

Disappear and come back

After several months or even several years, you are close to the woman you love, who may also return your feelings of liking, and it’s a good idea to disappear for a while. It will confuse her looking for where you are. At the right time, come back and express your feelings, telling the woman you love that you want to make her a lover.

Surprise gift

A gift is not a must. Gifts can be flowers, dolls, rings, unique homemade items, or items that the woman has wanted for a long time. You can also give away items that hold lots of memories of the trip while you are approaching.

Romantic videos

Romantic videos are one surprise gift that will leave a deep impression. You can also put in a few romantic sentences describing how you felt while spending time with her.