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11 How To Deal With Selfish And Stubborn Women

  •  Christ Ally

How To Deal With Selfish And Stubborn Women

Many women have what they want to reach. It makes them forget that many other people are living in this world. The desire of a woman who always wants to be on top makes her seem selfish.

Some women are stubborn, and no one can deny it. However, this selfish attitude is not very good if it continues.

A man would certainly feel very uncomfortable to continue communicating with such a woman. However, this woman may have her reasons why she is selfish to you.

Are you around a selfish woman? Do you have any relationship with a woman with this personality? You can make it a challenge. Men decide everything by logic; meanwhile, women use emotions. Selfishness is annoying. However, you have to show your male side to the woman.


If you are dealing with a selfish woman, then be patient. Just think of something pleasant or maybe a good reason why you are doing this. Don’t respond with selfishness, as this can make the problem you are talking about even more complicated.


Ignoring is another method you can try. Everyone has limited patience. That’s what you can show a selfish woman. However, this method is too risky because she will even blame you even more if you are not careful.

Therefore, please choose the best strategy for what you can do to overcome it. Get her to think about the changes you made and suddenly become calm and drastic.

Give in

The nature of giving in is one of the actions that can reduce a woman’s emotions. You don’t want to make matters more complicated. Women will also be more emotional if you don’t want to give in. You have to realize that ready or not, and men have to give in.

Talk to Moments of calm are the only moments you should wait to express your argument to a selfish woman. Her selfish nature will always torture many people around her. When things get better, try to tell her gently about this trait. It would help if you used gentle words so that the emotions do not relapse.

Make her happy

Selfish women are women who are looking for happiness. Therefore, give her joy. Show her that you care about her. Show that you are sad to see her that way.

Reducing attention

By paying less attention to her, this means that you let her think about her bad qualities. Show that you are uncomfortable with her nature. You want to be free and have your desires, and not all of them have to be fulfilled.

Stop giving in

Now and then, you need to stop giving in and get your arguments to her. The boundaries between you and her will also form, and you will stop giving in. Make her realize that you also want to be appreciated, that your desires are worth fulfilling too.

Strong warning

The request you give to a selfish woman is not life-threatening but threatens your presence in her life. If she’s your girlfriend, make sure she understands why you gave her the ultimatum. Misunderstandings can cause a woman to be short-minded.

Make her feel guilty

Guilt is one of the things that you must find to change this nature. Spread kindness on her. If that doesn’t work, make her understand how to be grateful. Give examples of people whose fate is very far from the luck she had. That way, she will likely give in to her selfishness and feel guilty, then change.

Praise her

It is logical if everyone likes compliments, even a selfish woman. You have to realize that some women who seem selfish feel tormented by their bad behavior. Some of them may not understand how to present their arguments. Therefore, comfort her by giving her praise when she does good. It can make her happy and realize that her selfishness is not suitable for her to continue.

Ask the reason

A selfish woman has a reason why she does this. It can happen because she is used to being on top so that when she is at the bottom, she will feel harassed. Find out why she’s acting her way and find a way out with her.


It would help if you used assertiveness with selfish women. If you have done many ways, even you give in and are patient, now is the time to show your passion. It may make her cry and regret all his actions.