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13 How to Deal With a Cold Woman and Make Her Fall in Love

  •  Christ Ally

How to Deal With a Cold Woman and Make Her Fall in Love

Ignorant women are mysterious. They are indeed difficult for men to approach them. If you want to conquer a cool woman’s heart, then she will run even more. Indifferent women have a variety of characters.

They tend to be quieter, don’t care what you do to them, don’t respond to your attention, and are closed. A cool woman is sometimes not only closed to you, but she is also closed to her friends.

However, a cool woman is the type of loyal woman too, if this ignorant woman feels that she suits you. You will get the heart of your dreams and consider how to deal with these cool women.

Give her time

If you want to approach a woman, of course, you will want to call her. When you have done it, and the response is not very good, what should you do after that? If she doesn’t reply to you right away, then give her a few hours to respond. Don’t force her to react quickly. Of course, she has her preoccupations. Being late in responding doesn’t mean she isn’t interested.

Keeping Emotions

It is the first step you must take. You are keeping emotions aims so that the woman you like doesn’t hate you. If she hates you, your efforts all this time will be in vain. Indifferent women do make you have to try harder to approach them.

It would help if you had extra energy. If you try to get her to communicate, then she will stay still like a statue. Sometimes silence doesn’t mean she doesn’t care, but it could be that she’s thinking.

Looking for her strengths

If you know her strengths, then you can ask her to teach you his powers. It will keep both of you together. If she is good at playing the piano, you can ask her to teach you how to play the piano properly.

Give her space

Cool women sometimes need time to be alone. You have to give her space to think. Respect her privacy and know your boundaries. If a woman has her room, she is an independent woman and knows how to make herself happy. If you love her, then give her this private space.

Pick up the ball

Indifferent women have the same character as other women. It’s just ignorant that makes it a little different. Women generally don’t initiate introductions, and you should start. It is an indication that you are a man who is courageous, full of initiative, and mature. It is a positive value for you.

Be relaxed

Please don’t be too stiff when talking to her. Nor do you try too hard to make an excellent impression at the first meeting. She will feel burdened and depressed if she is with you later. If you ask her to talk and she responds well, then there will be the possibility to open the conversation again in the future. Don’t expect you to get close at the first meeting.

Chat with her

An ignorant woman doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to talk. Sometimes she doesn’t know how to start a conversation. It is your job to create a simple conversation with her. Simple conversations can be in the form of jokes, telling about your experiences, or the like. It is so that communication does not become awkward. Let her determine the right timing to start chatting with you.

Be a man of humor

Ignorant women will melt with your character, who is always cheerful. Make her happy with you. If she is feeling sad, then she will look for you who are humorous and always pleasant.

Approach her alone

Approaching a woman when she is alone is undoubtedly easier than hanging out with your friends or when she is hanging out with her friends. If she’s hanging out with her friends, she might be less interested in talking to you. So get close to her when she’s alone.

Find her hobby

If you know her hobbies and what she likes, you can start a conversation with this theme. If you talk about things she likes, then she will be interested and join your discussion. You can take a lot of information from this conversation. Starting from what she wants and dislikes, what she does in her spare time, and so on.

Wait for her feelings to melt

This step is done when you want to express your true feelings to her. Usually, women who melt with your attitude will feel uncomfortable if they are close to you.

Be a man

Which woman doesn’t like grown men? Of course, they want characters like this. If a woman sees maturity in a man, she will feel safe. She who is ignorant will love to tell you, from the problem to her happiness.

Don’t waste your time

If you have done various ways and she is still not interested in you, of course, you should be able to understand it. Develop yourself and be a good person, and the right woman will come to you. Let love flow as it is.