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17 How to Attract a Woman You Love Instantly

  •  Christ Ally

How to Attract a Woman You Love

Attracting women’s attention is not difficult as long as you know what women want the most. The tricky thing is figuring out what women crave the most.

The way women and men think is different. It’s not easy to understand a woman’s heart if you are a man. It also applies to the contrary that it is not easy for a woman to understand a man.

It’s not easy to attract a woman’s attention, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Most men do not dare to approach the woman they like because they feel insecure. What’s even worse is that they feel unworthy.

Don’t find out how the woman judges you but start from how you consider yourself. Today, men with high self-confidence have a greater chance of getting a woman’s attention than those without self-confidence, even though they may be more handsome and more prosperous.

So what should you do to attract a woman’s attention? To draw a woman’s attention, you don’t have to start from how to get into the woman’s mind but start with yourself. The following tips may help you a little more. Try to dive deeper into what women think.

Improve appearance

Usually, love starts at first sight. Women will also make an assessment of the appearance of someone she has a crush on. So before you attract a woman’s attention, try to focus your attention on yourself first by improving your appearance.

You don’t need to have a six-pack or wear branded clothes. You only need to look neat, clean, and dress up according to your passion. It will be better if you always maintain your ideal body portion.

Extend association

Expanding your circle of friends allows you to make friends with anyone while broadening your connections, of course. A man will automatically look attractive in the eyes of a woman when he has many friends.

Improve intellectual ability

Believe it or not, a brilliant man will give more value in the eyes of women. But you have to distinguish that cleverness is not the same as a smart-ass. Women do men likewise, but that does not mean they are not more intelligent than men. So even if you are knowledgeable, you are ready to lend a hand.

Body language

In addition to appearance and intellectual abilities, pay attention to how you behave. It is not easy to change habits, but body language is imperative for you to pay attention to because it is closely related to your attitude.

Although simple, the way you sit, walk, and even hold your smartphone looks cooler and attracts women’s attention if you know how to do it right. Also, get rid of any bad habits that can damage your image.

Be polite

Men who have good manners remain a priority when choosing a partner. Polite men know how to respect women, and that is very important for women. So you should always be polite. Learn basic social etiquette. For example, always put women first when entering a room.

Have income

This point has absolutely nothing to do with the notion that all women are materialistic. All women are looking for stability, especially financially. Intelligent women understand that love alone will not be enough to give happiness. Therefore, before you approach a woman, make sure you already have an income and do not use vehicles and money from your parents.

Giving compliments

All women love compliments, no matter how often she says it’s just seduction. However, do not praise too often about beauty or just praise appearance. The best thing is to honor nature or actions.

Don’t be easy

As a man, of course, there is pride in yourself when you can help the woman you like. It would even help if you remembered that always being in your partner’s favor makes you look easy. Over time, women may get bored because nothing is challenging about them.

Be flexible

When you’ve started learning to dive into a woman’s mind, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: always be flexible. A woman is very different from a man, especially in thinking and behaving. Look for other reasons why you like this woman. Women love men who can always understand their childish nature.

Find out her hobbies

It is not difficult because, in this case, a woman does not stop talking about the things she likes. By knowing what she likes, it will be easier for you to find topics of conversation with her. Every woman likes a man who knows about the things she wants even though you don’t understand.

Be yourself

This one tip is familiar, but you can’t deny it. It becomes one of the most critical points, which is always to be yourself. When you are yourself, it doesn’t mean you can show off bad habits that you usually do, but be yourself by continually improving the qualities within you. You can appear confident without being someone else.

Acting mysterious

A man has to be mysterious if he wants to attract a woman’s attention because women are interested. But there is one thing that you must understand that being weird is not closing off, let alone being a completely different individual. If you are humorous, keep it that way but without leaving your spooky side, which is constantly being cool and not overbearing.

Disappear mysteriously

You can do this but don’t do it too often because this will irritate women and think you are the irresponsible type of guy. When it’s time for you to reappear, apologize for worrying her and a reasonable excuse.

Invite her into your association

Once you have earned enough of her trust, invite her into your environment. Introduce her to your closest friends. Her attention will begin to turn to you because she feels you trust her enough to be a part of your personal life.

Give her a surprise

All women love surprises. You don’t need weird wonders but just simple ones. You can take her to lunch or send her favorite coffee via a delivery service.

Always make her feel special

Women always want to feel special in the eyes of the man she likes. So, always say or show an attitude that makes her always feel special. When you can’t meet her, send her a text that without her, something is missing.

Closer to her family

If you are close enough, try to be brave to approach her family. Her attention will soon be on you. Although this process is not easy, you should start with the easiest thing. The most challenging thing is when she has an older brother, but the road ahead will be easier if you have her older brother’s blessing.