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11 How to Approach a Shy and Quiet Girl

  •  Christ Ally

How to Approach a Shy and Quiet Girl

Approaching a quiet girl is usually tricky, especially for a loner girl. It’s because female characters like this are complicated for people to guess. Shyness and dislike of being the center of attention give a distinct impression and challenge for men. How conquering a quiet and shy girl does require more extra energy. But once she feels comfortable with you, you will get a particular room.

If she is quiet and shy, then Let her be. It was a comfort zone for her. If you force her not to be nervous or speak up more, she will feel annoyed and pressured by your attitude. It requires hard work for you to approach this type of girl. But don’t worry, here are some tips and tricks that you should do to win the heart of this quiet and shy girl.


All girls will not like to face a lie. But be careful to lie to quiet girls because most are detailed observers. So to be who you are is very important. Once you lie, it’s tough to win back her trust. So, be careful with what you say.

Visit her alone

Shy and quiet girls never like a busy atmosphere because crowds make them uncomfortable. So if you are attracted to this quiet girl, go to her alone. Don’t invite your friends or anyone else.

Tips that are no less important is to come to her when the atmosphere is getting quiet. A quiet girl will not like it when many eyes are on her because this will make her awkward and depressed. So it would help if you thought about the atmosphere too.

Relaxed communication

There is no need to look for topics that are too serious about chatting with a quiet girl. Silent girls may look serious and overly thoughtful, but that doesn’t mean you need heavy subjects like politics or science to talk with them.

Be a good listener

Don’t interrupt and let her finish first and then respond. The quiet girl spoke sternly. So respect who is talking and focus on what she is talking about. It is challenging for a calm person to express her opinion.

Be a grown man

The charisma of adult men is indeed effective in conquering girls’ hearts. Mature men look calm and have stable emotions. Quiet girls need space for themselves, but that doesn’t mean girls like this don’t care about you.

Don’t be too passive

Please don’t wait for a message from a quiet girl; send her a message or start a conversation with enough intensity. Soft girls prefer to listen than talk. They are shy, to begin with. Lure her with topics she likes. So, later she will also start telling stories.

Being a quiet girl doesn’t mean she’s not smart

It’s not that quiet girls don’t have topics to talk about. They are quiet because they are confused about how to put together a good word for them to convey and not offend. It’s just that silent girls prefer to keep their opinions to themselves rather than express them.

Be humorous

Many girls like humorous men. It’s mainly for shy and quiet girls. Quiet girls need someone who has a different personality from them. If you can make them laugh, that’s a fantastic success.

Look into her eyes

Looking at the other person’s eyes is essential and straightforward but often taken for granted. It is proof of your seriousness. Do not talk while looking around, especially at other girls. It shows that you are not serious and just getting to know each other to fill your spare time. For a quiet girl, this means that you are playing with her.

Be patient

Patience is necessary for everyday life, especially with quiet girls. You have to approach her slowly and don’t give up. Silent girls tend to want to have a slow but sure relationship.

Don’t judge shyness

Never judge the nature of a quiet girl because the person’s heart is different. Quiet and shy are not uncommon. Watch out for men; it shows your attitude that does not accept her as she is. She can also be offended by it.