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For Women, These Are Signs That Men Seriously Want To Get Married!

  •  Christ Ally

Signs That Men Seriously Want To Get Married

In a relationship, everyone expects marriage in the end. Being serious about a relationship is the hope of all couples. Profound words are easy for us to say, but deeds cannot be deceiving. Are you a guy who takes relationships seriously? Or are you just filling your spare time? To find out, here are the characteristics of a serious married man.

Family events

If you invite your boyfriend to your family outings or often ask out with your parents, this is a sign that the man is serious about the woman of his dreams. If your family is comfortable and accepting of him, then your future is most likely with him.

Work hard

Men will work hard to have a stable financial condition if they are serious about getting married. You will not spend money on insignificant things and will save money. It means you are trying to make your boyfriend live comfortably with you.


One of the characteristics of a serious married man is that he uses the word ‘we’ more often than the word ‘you or me’. Although this trait is elementary, ‘our’ makes you and him a team. You no longer think about yourself but involve him in your plans as well.

Open heart

If a man feels comfortable talking about himself, that is one of the traits of a man who is serious about a woman. Men like this value the feedback and opinions of the women they love. It means he wants to involve you in his life.

Married friends

If your friends are married, or people who are married surround you, this is a sign that there is a possible picture of marriage in this man’s mind.

Among your friends

If a man only considers a woman as a partner but not for the future, this man will be lazy to invite you to hang out with his friends. But, if this guy is serious, he will involve you at his friends’ events.


When a man believes in marriage, he will not make a joke of it. However, if a man hates all talk about marriage, this is a sign that he is not ready for marriage itself or that he is not serious about being in a relationship with his partner.

Take care of emotions

If a man is not serious or immature, then his ego will be decisive. He doesn’t care if he says harsh words; he can easily break up or even abuse women when fighting. A man like this shows that he is not serious in a relationship. But if a man intends to marry a woman, he will control his emotions and act mature. He will find a peaceful solution without verbal or physical abuse.

Correcting errors

Everyone can say sorry easily. Even so, this would mean nothing if there was no change in action. If a serious man gets married, then he will correct his mistakes. Even if some simple errors are repeated, a man should be able to fix them.


Men not only talk about themselves but also about their hobbies. He will always ask about your favorite food, your favorite book, or whatever you like. Men will always love to hear stories from women who they love.

Take it as it comes

Serious men won’t sue a woman to change anything. He will not force his girlfriend to be a woman who is fashionable, sexy, good at cooking, or anything. He will accept what is. He will not require his partner to be someone who is not herself. A man who is serious about getting married will understand his partner’s strengths and weaknesses.


Men who are in a relationship and ready to marry will always support whatever their partner does. A man will be happy if he sees the woman he loves is happy too.


It may sound a little strange, but if a man is always on time when he meets his girlfriend, it means that he is serious about his female idol. A man like this wouldn’t waste time being together. If it’s late, this guy will tell you in advance because he will never let you down.

Getting married is a thing for the long term. So, think carefully and do not be careless in choosing a partner. Good luck and happiness!