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12 Dangers of Obesity for Men and Adverse Effects

  •  Christ Ally

The Dangers of Obesity for Men and Adverse Effects

Diet is one of the determinants of your health. Implementing the wrong diet will make you more susceptible to disease. Instead of taking the risk of paying dearly for medical expenses, it is better to prevent it.

Based on the diet, some people are lazy to eat, and some overeat. It is hazardous for both attitudes. You need to intake balanced food. Don’t eat foods that don’t match what you need.

One of the consequences of the wrong diet is obesity. Obesity is a disorder that makes a person’s body very large or overweight. It happens due to several factors, one of which is the wrong diet. Obese people consume too many high-carbohydrate foods and exceed their needs. As a result, fat accumulation causes a person’s body to look prominent. Obesity is very dangerous for men.

Addicted to food

Eating addiction is a serious problem and requires immediate treatment. People addicted to eating have issues with their weight, especially if they eat sweet and fatty foods.


The danger of obesity in men is the increased likelihood of depression. It is depression related to self-confidence level. It is natural for men to pay attention to their appearance. Therefore, when he feels insecure due to his too-large body size, he will suffer from depression.

Colon cancer

Men with obesity should be wary of gut health because colon cancer is stalking them. Colon cancer makes it more difficult for you to pass stool. It can make the waste that should come out remains in the body.

Immune system

The immune system is a person’s body’s resistance to preventing and overcoming the disease. People with obesity will quickly suffer from immune system disorders. It is also closely related to brain disorders. Signals from the brain have gone wrong to damage other things related to a person’s immune system.

Brain disorder

It is a pervasive disorder in men who are obese. Brain disorders will also penetrate the concentration level in the man. In addition, the working system of the brain will also be disturbed. Therefore the concentration can decrease.


Dementia is a disease that many men face. It is due to the need for the ability to focus on men in doing their work. Men with dementia suffer from impaired focus. It is what invites stress so that work becomes problematic.


The body is in dire need of oxygen, while respiratory disorders can be present in obese people. Fat accumulation in obese people occurs in almost all body parts, including around the diaphragm. It is very damaging to your health.


This disease is also a big problem for people with obesity. It is also associated with damaged kidneys due to fat accumulation. High blood pressure is hazardous for you. Hypertension can also occur due to narrowing the blood vessels associated with fat.


Usually, people know it as a result of high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is divided into two types, namely diabetes mellitus, and diabetes insipidus. Both are very dangerous. People who are obese tend to suffer from diabetes as well.

Heart disease

Men who suffer from obesity should be wary of heart disease. It becomes an additional disease for obese people. Pain in the chest due to heart disease is alarming for you.

Heart disease also affects your neck area. In addition, your pulse will also weaken. It is perilous to spread food essence throughout the body, which will be disturbed.


The following disease that can attack obese people is stroke. It is a disease that attacks the heart. In addition, the cause of this disorder can occur due to cholesterol and hypertension.

Damage memory

Everyone wants a good memory ability. A person’s ability to remember high is essential to brain performance. If a person suffers from obesity, it will damage memory abilities. Men will easily forget something. It indicates that you should immediately change your diet if you don’t want to have memory problems.