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10 Characteristics of Cold and Quiet Men

  •  Christ Ally

Characteristics of Cold and Quiet Men

You may be one of those in love with a man. When you fall in love with a humorous man, you laugh daily. However, you will seldom get that if you are with a cool guy. Women think of men with this personality as cold men.

During courtship, a calm man acts like a mature man who thinks hard about anything he wants to do. Many considerations that he thought about before he did something. It is also what triggers women to fall in love with ignorant men. Even so, women want to get attention from their partners. The following are the characteristics of an innocent man that you need to know as a form of preparation to witness this behavior.

Calls infrequently

When a man is in love, he longs for the person he loves. He would do anything to hear the voice of his idol. It happens because men are trained to fight to get what they want. However, this does not occur to an ignorant man. He will very rarely call you.

If you want a romantic man daily, never fall in love with an ignorant man. Maybe he loves you, and you love him. So, try to accept this harsh reality.

Focus on work

An ignorant man can focus on top-level jobs. Even he will not feel your presence next to him. Especially if it’s a job that requires him to think hard; therefore, throw away your desire to ask how he is when he has important work.

It takes a long time to reply to messages

An ignorant guy will rarely call or text to ask how you are. Ignorant men will also take a long time to reply to messages. He may be busy. That’s what’s in the minds of women trying to give in and understand the character of an ignorant man.

Spending time with friends

A woman wants a partner who has to be on standby all day and night. It proves that women want to spend time with the man they care about. However, for you ladies who have extraordinary partners, you will lose priority to your partner’s friends.


Just imagine when you think where you believe in your partner; ultimately, you get betrayal instead. It also happens to ignorant men. Only occasionally are you right in using his trust? It would hurt his heart.

No flaunting intimacy

The characteristic of incredible men is not like to show off intimacy. Many women want romantic treatment to prove they are a happy couple. But not! You don’t get this with cool guys.

It’s not easy to fall in love

An ignorant man also has the trait of not falling in love quickly. It might happen because he is too focused on his job and what he has now. Therefore, you must make a lot of effort to drop him in your arms.

Cover up personal problems

When an ignorant man gets a problem, he will tend to cover up the issue. Therefore, you need to understand it with a different understanding. It happened because of his complicated nature, not because he doesn’t trust you. He is not the type of crybaby who has to complain to others about his problems because he thinks he can solve them himself.


You don’t need to ask about the loyalty of an ignorant man because their commitment is indeed outstanding. Moreover, he is not easily attracted to other people. It makes you a second woman after his mother in his heart.

No jealousy

Some people think that jealousy is a sign of affection. However, this does not apply to ignorant men at all. He will free you to talk to anyone.