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14 Characteristics of a Bad Woman – You Must Stay Away

  •  Christ Ally

Characteristics of a Bad Woman

Many women with evil hearts. The woman would willingly lie for personal gain. Men should avoid women like this. The woman often lies and has terrible thoughts.

A woman with an evil heart will harm and destroy your life. You must immediately avoid this female demon from your life. If you can’t do it, you’ll get regrets, and you can’t fix it anymore.

Therefore, to anticipate that evil woman will not seduce you, you need to know the characteristics of these women. The features of a woman with a wicked heart are as follows.

She doesn’t know the etiquette

The hallmark of a woman who has an evil heart is that she does not have etiquette towards anyone. She will do good for profit and constantly criticize people who are of no use to her. Those are the characteristics of a woman with an evil heart.

Make a good impression at the beginning

The characteristic of a bad-hearted woman is that she always looks good the first time you meet her. But when you get to know her, you will know what kind of woman she is. She will undoubtedly do unexpected things that sometimes she is not aware of. It can prove that this is not a good woman. This type of woman is certainly not necessary for you to maintain a relationship.

Words and actions are out of sync

A woman with an evil heart usually has a different word and deed. One day this woman will adore you but will also badmouth you in front of others when you are not there. It’s excruciating for you because your self-esteem will be trampled on and appear weak in front of the woman.

Talk casually

Evil-hearted women always speak without a filter. She would always talk regardless of whether anyone was hurt or not due to those words.

She likes to lie

Another trait that you can see in a woman who has an evil heart is that she lies very often. Women who have terrible heart tells lies to make themselves look good. Usually, this is present in words. For the first time, you may be captivated. But when you know the natural heart, you will get sick of it.

Less sensitive to social

Evil-hearted women usually do not have strong social sensitivity. Usually, women will choose a friend according to their wishes and make it easier for their goals to get something. Thus, you should think twice about loving her because she will leave you.

Broken promise

One of the evil deeds is breaking a promise. That is also the characteristic of a woman with a bad heart because this woman continually makes promises and makes excuses for not keeping promises. Unlike the case with a woman who has a soft heart, of course, the woman will always try to keep her promise and will not deny it.

High prestige

The last trait you can tell about a woman with an evil heart is that she will always hate going to places with lower classes. Of course, because she does not have an excellent social spirit.


A woman with an evil heart has two faces or is a hypocrite. Sometimes she will be nice, but when she is behind you, she will talk about your weakness to others. These are the characteristics of a woman with an evil heart. A woman who has an evil spirit will be seen from her behavior.

Bullying friends

Women who have an evil heart will usually constantly berate others or bully their friends. She doesn’t even care what people say. She feels satisfied and happy after driving others.

Giving punishment

Another thing is that she will often give punishment to other people, both to those around her. She will become powerful and do not care about the environment around her. She wants to be happy because of this behavior.

Always want to win

Women who have an evil heart will be tough to give up and always want to win alone. Whatever she wants must come true, and other people should not blame those thoughts and desires. Of course, this is very detrimental to others, and she can even harm herself when she does not want to listen to advice from others.


Many people hate women with a materialistic character. It is one of the characteristics of a bad-hearted person because she only wants wealth and does not love the man who is with her.


A woman with an evil heart will have an unfaithful nature and often cheat. A man always assumes that an adulterous woman has a bad heart.