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8 Causes of Thin Men After Marriage

  •  Christ Ally

Causes of Thin Men After Marriage

Obesity is one disorder that is very dangerous for everyone. Moreover, eating patterns and lifestyles that are very irregular trigger obesity more quickly. However, being too thin is problematic because the appearance becomes less attractive. It gives the impression of someone who is malnourished. Usually, having a slim body does not occur in married men. It’s because there is a wife who helps him take care of his life.

As a wife, she already has a job that she is obliged to do daily, including caring for her husband’s needs. It usually makes the wife thinner and thinner due to the influence of working every day to care for the family. However, even so, a married man also experiences body management. Here you will see how a man can be thin after marriage.


The hereditary factor is a factor that you cannot avoid. It happens because of the genes that are in the man’s body. His metabolism is too good to make it difficult to become a fat man, even after he gets married. The hereditary factor is also impossible. It is what causes no matter how much a man consumes food, he will never get fat.

Nutritional deficiencies

Men who are married can’t suffer from nutritional deficiencies. The husband will only work as hard as he can, and when he comes home, food is already available for him. However, some small families are unable to meet their needs. There are many activities that the husband does, but his nutritional needs still need to be fulfilled due to several factors. It is the initial cause of men getting thinner after marriage.

Rarely exercise

People should do sport regularly because it is vital for their health, incredibly when busy. His life pattern is irregular. He often skips dinner with his wife and children because he is too busy caring for work, even though this is very dangerous for his health.

The body needs a source of energy and needs to get rid of waste substances by exercising. It will help you increase your muscle mass to appear with a fatter body shape than before.

Too much exercise

As a married man, you may find yourself increasingly liking sports, especially if you do it with your wife. Indeed, exercise is needed to balance your metabolism. However, you must know that more activity is necessary for your physical condition, especially if it needs to be balanced with adequate nutritional intake. You lose a lot of energy but wait to replace it with other energy sources. Of course, this is very dangerous if you keep going. Meanwhile, you don’t want to blame your wife.


Smoking is common and very easy to find among married and unmarried men. Smoking is undoubtedly hazardous to health, especially to heart and lung health. The nicotine contained in every cigarette makes the smoker trigger various diseases to attack him. However, there are also men whose status is married and who choose to smoke. Many men continue smoking even though they know the terrible health effects.

Gastric pains

Gastritis can attack anyone, including even married people. It triggers the body’s metabolic system to work abnormally. The stomach gives a horrible job of causing ulcer disease. Especially if a man who suffers from gastritis has an irregular eating pattern, this is very dangerous for health conditions. Usually, people with gastritis will quickly get constipation or diarrhea. These two things are very uncomfortable and make a man even thinner after marriage.


Stress makes a person expend more energy. It makes it more difficult for you to get fat, even thinner. It happens because of the burden of thinking about the family related to finances. Moreover, you have to realize that the responsibilities of a married man will be heavier.

Staying up late

Staying up late is one of the activities that men do in general. They get a lot of demands from the work they are doing. This demand forces him to give up his sleep time to finish his assignments first. However, you need to know that staying up late is not very good for one’s metabolic health. Although, in the end, after the man did his job by staying up all night, and the next day he could sleep all day, it was even worse for his health. Therefore, you must pay attention to your sleep pattern. Lack of sleep at night can hurt the enzymes in your body.