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Causes of Big Belly in Adult Men and Its Dangers

  •  Christ Ally

Causes of Big Belly in Adult Men and Its Dangers

Many factors cause big belly in men, but prosperity is not the only one. Most people always associate the big belly with a sign that the person has lived a prosperous life. A person has a healthy body if the waist circumference is not more than half the body’s height.

In other words, someone who has a big belly is not a sign of prosperity but a sign that your body is starting to show signs of being unwell. The ancient Chinese believed that all diseases in the human body originate from the stomach. So you should not be proud if you have a big belly because it is a warning that you have not lived a healthy life.

Why does the stomach get bloated?

Before you find out about the causes of a big belly, you must understand why this can happen? A big belly occurs when visceral fat accumulates between the organs around the abdominal area, such as the stomach, liver, and intestines. If you let this condition, your appearance is no longer attractive but can cause complications such as diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, and heart problems. Therefore, if you love your life, start always to pay attention to your waist circumference and find out the causes.

Causes of big belly in men

A big belly is not only in men but also in women. But in reality, men are more prone to it than women. Here are some causes of big belly in men that you must know.

Age factor

Some of your body’s functions will also degenerate as you get older. However, you can slow down the degeneration process by maintaining a healthy diet.

Decreased muscle mass

One of the destructive effects on every man is decreasing muscle mass as you get older. That means somebody’s functions will also go through a decline in function, especially the body’s metabolism. Due to decreased muscle mass, fat cells tend to only collect in the abdomen.


If digestion functions optimally, then nutrients can be absorbed optimally. However, if the digestive system is problematic, not all food substances are absorbed optimally.

Hormone imbalance

One of the causes of a big belly in men is hormonal imbalance. It includes age, unhealthy eating patterns, and taking drugs that can disrupt hormone balance. When the hormone testosterone decreases, the body has difficulty managing the calories that enter the body. As a result, the accumulation of fat will cause a big belly.

Metabolism is not optimal

The body’s metabolism is responsible for all parts of the body, and the process of absorption of nutrients is optimal. If this process is not optimal, then what happens is the opposite. Calories in fat cells will continue to accumulate.

Not exercising

Of course, everyone knows that exercise has a vital role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Every day of the course, you have to eat, and without exercising, fat or calories will not burn completely unless you have physical activity.

Lack of sleep

Too much sleep will result in obesity, which is true if you don’t get enough rest. It can also increase the risk of obesity and a big belly. Usually, people who have trouble sleeping at night have an enormous appetite. As a result, it can’t control the caloric intake that enters the body.

Stress disorder

When stress disorders hit, the hormone cortisol has an important role. This hormone makes the body respond to situations that can cause stress. This condition also worsens when the same hormone makes you feel hungry, so you can’t control your appetite.

Eating too much

It is no doubt that overeating can cause obesity problems, including a big belly. Some people seem to have difficulty controlling their appetite, which is the main problem.

Midnight meal

When the body also needs rest at night, the digestive system also needs time to rest. If you eat food when the digestive system should also be sleeping, the food is not being processed perfectly.


When someone consumes alcohol, the brain produces hormones, and one of them is a hormone that causes your body to respond in the form of hunger. So do not be surprised; when you drink alcohol, your appetite will also increase. In addition, there are also some substances in alcohol that contribute to a big belly.

Unhealthy lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle is an irregular diet, excessive calorie food, and never exercising. In essence, almost all of the previous points fall into the category of an unhealthy lifestyle. So if you want your stomach not to be distended, start living a healthy life from now on.

Genetic factor

It is one of the factors that make a big belly. If a family suffers from obesity, the offspring also have a high risk of dealing with it.


Smoking is a bad habit that not only harms yourself but also others. Most people think that smoking only causes lung problems, but smoking is also one of the factors that cause a big belly.

Wrong diet

The main goal of men doing a particular diet program is to make the body thin ideally, but if the wrong way will make a big belly. When you diet, you force your body to follow a particular pattern, and if you don’t make that pattern consistently, your metabolism will fall apart.

The Risks Behind big belly

A big belly makes your appearance imperfect and has a lot of health risks. It will be fatal and can lead to death. Here is a list of some hazards that can happen to you if you ignore your waist circumference from now on.

– Diabetes mellitus type 2 is the first health risk that can occur in men with big bellies. Obesity interferes with the performance of insulin in the blood so that glucose cannot be absorbed optimally. When there is an excess of glucose in the blood, the result is an increase in blood sugar, known as diabetes.

– Coronary heart is also one of the risks that lurk the men with a big belly. Men who have a lot of fat deposits around the abdominal area have a greater risk of coronary heart disease. This condition can be fatal, namely heart attack, stroke, and even sudden death.

– Many studies show a close link between impotence and obesity. Belly fat can reduce the fertility and sexual performance of a man.