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11 Causes of Man’s Misbehavior and How to Overcome It

  •  Christ Ally

Causes of Man's Misbehavior and How to Overcome It

Misbehavior happens when you like someone. There are many ways someone will do when they start liking a woman. Neatly dressed with the latest styles, fragrant perfume, to taste that illustrates the man has high quality.

Although, not a few men rely on insight and humor to hook their idols. That’s how men never run out of steps to attract women.

A man in front of a woman will try to create the best image to attract the woman’s attention. Men will try to show that he is the best man for women and quality man for women.

Usually, a man looks awkward when he meets a woman he likes. Although clever in determining tactics, men can be discouraged when dealing directly with targets. Actually, what can cause a man to be awkward?

Meet the target woman

Men started their pursuit long ago. He stalks the woman and tries to contact her. However, it could be because of an unexpected meeting that the man became awkward.

Doing a lie

Sometimes men do not hesitate to lie to their partners. Little lies are often taken for granted. Women can read his behavior. When caught, men are often embarrassed and look for a thousand reasons to secure their position.

Meeting the person, he was afraid of

Meeting the boss can immediately shrivel up, especially suddenly not giving progress on the task at hand. Some say that father or mother-in-law can be crueler than bosses. This man must have high self-confidence and significant capital, of course.

Appear in public

For the cause of this, one may also have women. However, men’s self-confidence level can still be lost in this case. Men tend to play behind the scenes compared to women, so they will be nervous and awkward when they appear in public.

To overcome this misbehavior, the first step that must be done is to try to understand the extent of the cause. If you already know it, try some of the following tips:

Try to be calm and say hello first

You need to maintain your attitude! If your mind is calm, you will be controlled in interacting with your interlocutor, including greeting your crush.

Lowering the view

Staring at your interlocutor often makes you nervous and feels very uncomfortable. Chances are you will fail to focus on the conversation because you are fascinated by the gaze.

A good listener

Try to be a good listener. It is the safest way to hide your nervous feelings. However, do not always be silent. There are times when you have to respond to the conversation.

Smile as natural as possible

A smile is the most accessible charity you can do. With a smile, this makes our interlocutor sympathize with us.

Discuss something that just happened

Try the little things you’ve just encountered when running out of ways to start a conversation.

Bring your cell phone

Cell phones can be a helper in times of crisis. When you are nervous, focus on your cellphone; this may help. However, still do not ignore your interlocutor.

Look for interesting topics

It’s a way for you to show your insights. Do not choose content that is too heavy. Please don’t talk about politics because most women don’t like it.