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8 Best Exercise For Fat Guys

  •  Christ Ally

Best Exercise For Fat Guys

Exercise is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy body. However, there are still many who do not care about this. Laziness is one of the reasons other than no time due to busyness at work.

Even though you are busy, you must also care for your body’s health. One way is to exercise to burn calories. Not everyone knows how many calories are in their body, so various diseases such as diabetes appear.

Everyone is afraid of diabetes. It is also related to cholesterol that attacks an adult. You can consume any food as long as the levels are balanced. You can do sports if you can’t control your desire to eat. However, some people who are obese have difficulties. Here are a variety of Sports for Fat Men.

Ball practice

Ball training is very beneficial for someone who is overweight. Obesity is a big problem for many people of appearance and health. Therefore, buy a practice ball so you can practice at home. You are doing sit-up activities with the exercise ball.


Fat people can do fitness equipment or even in the swimming pool. You need to know that the benefits of doing aerobics are very good for heart health. For obese people, aerobics can reduce the risk of pain in the joints. Therefore, you are strongly advised to do this one sport immediately.

Light exercise

Light exercise is also beneficial for you with excessive body weight. It has a relatively simple movement. You won’t find high jumps in light activity.


Swimming is a sport for those of you who are fat. In obese people, this sport is very safe, so it is very beneficial for you. You can start now and then routinely do it once a week. Your leg and thigh muscles can also be trained by swimming.

Simple gestures

Movement of hands and feet will help you to burn calories. You can make these random moves with your version. Remember to move your other body. This exercise can help you lose weight even though it is straightforward. It can also help the thigh muscles to contract.

Static bike

You can find static bicycles in various fitness places. For those of you who have problems with obesity, you can try fixed bikes as an alternative exercise. Keep trying until you get used to it.


Boxing is an outstanding boxing sport for those of you who are fat. Of course, you don’t need rules like those of a boxing ring because it’s not people you’re dealing with. Use your finger protector, so you don’t get injured by a hard impact. Give your most potent power when you punch the existing object.


Usually, people decide to walk because the distance to their destination is close, so they are reluctant to pay for transportation. However, did you know that walking can also benefit you? Walking will tire you a little and produce sweat on your body so that you also burn fat or calories.