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11 The Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear for Men

  •  Christ Ally

The Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear for Men

Sleep is a mandatory activity with many health benefits; everyone needs quality sleep. There are many reasons why men don’t have a quality sleep. But don’t worry, there is one way to get quality sleep for men: sleeping without wearing underwear.

In general, sleeping without underwear can reduce the pain caused by pressure and relieve tension. You can sleep in a more relaxed and relaxed state. It certainly has a significant effect on the level of your sleep quality.

You may not believe this, but some men do. Many people even consider it a myth, but this is indeed proven. There are many benefits for men if they do this.

Hormone release

Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a vital role in making the body feel calmer, increasing self-confidence, and reducing stress. The oxytocin hormone will work when there is friction between the skin. For that, when you sleep, it’s better not to wear underwear, especially if you have a partner. It will help for the release of the hormone oxytocin.

Healthy reproductive organs

The use of underwear while sleeping can adversely affect the health of the reproductive organs, even if the underwear is too tight. Without underwear at night, this can give the reproductive organs a chance to breathe. Healthy reproductive organs will be able to produce sperm with nutritional quality.

Improve sperm quality

The production of quality sperm by the testes requires a good temperature level. The quality of this sperm can impact the fertility level of men. Men with impaired fertility need to sleep without underwear.

Improves sebaceous gland function

The sebaceous glands become more active and stimulate secretion by the sweat glands. Naked skin can absorb nutrients higher than skin that is covered with clothing. It has a vital role in metabolic processes in the body.

Maintain skin health

Pressure from underpants can cause itching and irritation in the groin or stomach area. Therefore, sleeping without wearing underwear can prevent itching. It will appropriately maintain the health of the skin.

Increase sex drive

Sleeping without underwear will increase the sexual arousal of your partner. Especially after a full day, you are struggling with work or activities with high-stress levels. Sleeping naked can improve your partner’s level of happiness.

Reduce bacteria

The groin area is an area that is very vulnerable to humidity. It is because, in this area, air circulation sometimes stores too much sweat. As a result, this area can become a hotbed for bacteria to grow. When you sleep in your underwear, bacteria can grow. So sleeping without underwear can minimize the development of bacteria.

Maintain weight balance

When a person is asleep, the brown fat in the body will be active. Brown fat is a type of fatty tissue that contributes to hibernating heat. Brown fat can generate more heat than any other organ in the body. Sleeping without pants can improve sleep quality which, of course, can make brown fat active. This active brown fat eating will affect body weight.

Promote blood circulation

The absence of pressure from the underwear can make the blood vessels freer so that blood circulation can run smoothly. It can also have a good impact on the overall health of men’s bodies.

Reduce fatigue

Not wearing underwear while sleeping can help men fall asleep more soundly, reduce pain in vital areas and increase comfort while they sleep. It is undoubtedly a factor that can improve your sleep quality. Good quality sleep can prevent you from feeling tired the next day.

Avoid ureteral infection

Bacteria that thrive around the groin area can enter the ureteral tract causing men to suffer from ureteral tract infections. Therefore, sleeping without underwear can facilitate air circulation.